PhD in Management at LMU Munich

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Examination and important Regulations of the Master of Business Research

All important regulations of the MBR program are summarized in the Examination Regulations (Prüfungsordnung) and the Program Regulations (Studienordnung).

Reporting Passed Course (Modules A/II, B/I and B/II)

Once you finished all courses within the Modules A/II, B/I and B/II, you have to report your completed courses to the program coordinator. Please use the course reporting form (131 kB) to report your courses and the following form to report your completion of the course “Presentation & Reports”.

Please submit the original version of both forms to Prof. Tobias Kretschmer. Please include any written confirmation (German: "Schein") of courses that are not completed at the management faculty of the LMU or completed while not being enrolled in the MBR (e.g. if you used the Y-model).

Project Study

When starting the final work (last 4 months) on your project study, please hand in this registration form (71 kB) to the office of the examination board both electronically (via the "Send Form" button in Adobe Acrobat Reader) and per regular mail.

Please include the following statement (33 kB) in your final version of the project study.

MBR Grade

The final grade of the MBR is calculated from the grades obtained in the courses in Module A/I and the grade of the project study.

Of the six courses taken in Module A/I, the four best grades count towards the final MBR grade, each weighted with 1/7. The grade of the project study counts for 3/7 of the final grade.

The MBR diploma will also mention the grades of all six courses from Module A/I as well as the titles of all the courses from Modules A/II, B/I, B/II, and the title of the project study (Module C).

PhD Grade

According to the faculty's regulations for doctoral degrees, the MBR replaces the oral exam in the PhD process. According to §19 of the regulations, the final MBR grade counts for 1/3 of the final PhD grade. The grade for the dissertation thesis counts for the other two thirds.

The best possible grade for a dissertation thesis is 0.5 and the best possible MBR grade is 1.0. Therefore, the best possible grade for a PhD at the Munich School of Management is 0.66 ("summa cum laude", cf. §19(4) of the doctoral degree regulations).