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Curriculum of the Master of Business Research

Any PhD students at the Munich School of Management has to complete the Mater of Business Research (MBR) program. The MBR program comprises five course modules. Modules A/I and A/II students train students in all important, basic academic skills and comprise methodological courses, a basic reading course as well as courses on academic citizenship. In Modules B/I and B/II students can deepen their knowledge by attending courses related to their research interests. Module C consists of a project study.

This an overview of all five modules. You can find more detailed information about the modules by clicking on them.

Module Overview

Module A

General Research Courses

A/I (12 SWS)

  • Integration studies
  • Core studies of MBR

A/II (8 SWS)

  • Research project in cooperation with the mentoring chair
  • Course presentations and reports

Module B

Specific Research Courses

B/I (8 SWS)

  • Research-related courses from different lecturers
  • Doctoral seminars (max. 2. SWS)

B/II (8 SWS)

  • Elective Courses (free selection)
  • Courses by other faculties / TUM

Module C

Project Study

C (12 SWS)

  • Intended to lead to a scientific publication
  • Written over a period of four months

Note: SWS = Contact hours (Semesterwochenstunden)

Frequent questions are also answered in the FAQ.

Sample Curriculum

Students independently decide about the order of courses in the MBR. The following sample curriculum is an example of a possible study plan over four semesters:

1. Semester

  • Basic Readings in Management (A/I)
  • Methodological Course 1 (A/I)
  • Research Related Courses (B/I)

2. Semester

  • Quantitative Methods (A/I)
  • Methodological Course 2 (A/I)
  • Research Related Courses (B/I)
  • Research Project (A/II)

3. Semester

  • Methodological Course 3 (A/I)
  • Scientific Citizenship (F&P or Sci. Pub.) (A/I)
  • Elective Courses (B/II)
  • Project Study (C)

4. Semester

  • Elective Courses (B/II)
  • Project Study (C)