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Summer Semester 2020

Modules A/I and A/II

For information about the times of the A/I  and A/II lectures, please sync your Outlook with the MBR Outlook calendar. 

Course Lecturer(s) Dates
Quantitative Methods
Mühlemann 13-14.07 | 16.07 | 20.07
Basic Readings in Management

23.04 | 16-17.06

Microeconomic Methods
Peter 03-05.06 | 08-10.06 | 12.06
Qualitative Methods
Metz/Reischauer 18-19.06 | 06-08.07
Nasev 21.04 | 02.06 | 22.07
Presentations and Reports (A/II) 
Kretschmer / Leidl / Richter / Sellhorn 28.04 (kick-off)
Scientific Publications
Hofmann/Spanjol 24.04 | 8.05 | 15.05
Basic Readings in Accounting and Finance
Jaspersen 27.04 | 15.06 | 22.06

Module B/I

Last update: 28.02.2019 

Courses in Accounting & FinanceLecturer(s)Course TypeCourse hours SWS
Quantitative Finance  Prof. Elsas/ Mr. Reinke S 4
Investment Banking Prof. Elsas S 4
International Taxation Prof. Schanz S 4
Empirical Research in Accounting, Auditing, and Analysis Prof. Sellhorn S 4
Readings in Empirical Accounting Research Prof. Sellhorn S 4
Performance Management and Incentive Systems Prof. Hofmann S 4

Type = Course type (L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar); SWS ("Semesterwochenstunden") = Contact hours per week

Courses in Marketing & Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership & LearningLecturer(s)Course TypeCourse hours SWS
Innovationen und Versorgungsmanagement im Gesundheitswesen Prof. Sundmacher S 4
Market Research Prof. Schwaiger S 4
Empirische Sozialforschung Prof. Schwaiger S 4
Organizations and Social Network Dr. Tonnellato S 4
Digitalization, Transformation, and Management Prof. Hess S 4
Research Topics in Marketing Prof. Meyer S 4
Service Management  Prof. Meyer S 4
Customer Relationship Management Prof. Meyer S 4
Data Crawling* Dr. Peuket S 2
Organisation und Management im Gesundheitswesen Prof. Leidl S 4
Entrepreneurship Education (only in SS2020) Prof. Weber S 4

Type = Course type (L: Lecture, T: Tutorial, S: Seminar); SWS ("Semesterwochenstunden") = Contact hours per week

 *This is a methods course that could be taken also by the MBR students enrolled in the A&F cluster


B/II modules

Prep-course on data-science with DataCamp