PhD in Management at LMU Munich

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  • Conferences

    Faculty at LMU is involved in the organization of a number of conferences where PhD students can participate and actively engage with an international network of scholars. more

  • Seminars

    The PhD program benefits from a vibrant research environment at LMU Munich. Students have the opportunity to attend to conferences and research seminars, and to present their research to the Faculty. more

  • On the shoulders of the giants

    Within this initiative, the MBR program organizes seminars/workshops with visiting scholars on aspects that matter for your research and Ph.D. (e.g. job market, papers development, etc.). It is a way to have an insight on the international academic world and engage with senior scholars (who very often are the editors for the journal you target for your paper!). On the behalf of the MBR coordination team, we hope you will enjoy and profit from the events. more