PhD in Management at LMU Munich

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On the shoulders of the giants

Winter Term 2019/2020

Date Presenter Topic
11 November 2019 Brian Silverman (U. of Toronto, CA) "Finding the right data for the right question"
14 November 2019 Louise Mors (CBS, DK), Marcus Asplund (CBS. DK) “Are you ready for the job market marathon?
An insight into the job market process in Management and Economics"


Past events 

Date Presenter Topic
Summer term 2019 Abbie Griffin (U. of Utah, USA) and Gloria Barzarck (Northeastern U., USA) “Reviewing for a top journal in Management"
Winter term 2018 Caroline Flammer (Boston U., USA) “Indeed she succeeded (in Academia and above)"
Winter term 2018 Anil Doshi (UCL, UK) “Tips to prepare for the job market"