PhD in Management at LMU Munich

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Requirements for Admission to the PhD program

There are two key requirements for applying to the PhD program:



1. You need to find a doctoral supervisor at the management faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and




2. You need to have passed a qualifying academic degree.

Doctoral Supervisor

Only PhD students in Management at the LMU are eligible for admission to the Master of Business Research (MBR) program. Before applying for the MBR program, candidates must therefore find a professor at the faculty who is willing to supervise their doctoral dissertation and their project study (part of the MBR program).

For finding a doctoral supervisor you need to apply for a PhD position offered by one of the faculty’s professors. Open positions and detailed information can be found on the website of the institute headed by the respective professor.

Univ.-Prof. Claussen Univ.-Prof. Elsas Univ.-Prof. Glaser Univ.-Prof. Hess Univ.-Prof. Högl Univ.-Prof. Hofmann kranz_110 Univ.-Prof. Leidl Univ.-Prof. Meyer Univ.-Prof. Mühlemann Univ.-Prof. Richter kretschmer 
Univ.-Prof. Weber Univ.-Prof. SchanzUniv.-Prof. SchwaigerUniv.-Prof. SellhornUniv.-Prof. SpannUniv.-Prof. SundmacherUniv.-Prof. TheisenUniv.-Prof. TuschkeUniv.-Prof. Weller

Qualifying Degree

There are two ways to obtain a qualifying degree for the MBR program:

1. MSc-equivalent degree

Students with a degree that is equivalent to an MSc in business administration can apply for the MBR provided their final grade is "good" or better. Degrees that are equivalent to an MSc include a German Diploma in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm.).

2. Y-Model

The “Y-Model” model allows students to enter the program after their Bachelor's degree. Bachelor graduates enrolled in the MSc in Business Administration Program at the LMU can switch to the MBR program under two conditions: They must have passed the courses in the modules "Basic principles" (18 ECTS) and "Subject-specific basics" (18 ECTS) in the MSc program, and they must have a doctoral supervisor.