PhD in Management at LMU Munich

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Application Process

Applicants who have found a supervisor for their doctoral thesis and who fulfill the requirements of the Master of Business Research can apply for the entrance test. Candidates who successfully pass the entrance test can then enroll as postgraduate students at the LMU. The picture below illustrates the process.

Important deadlines: Application for the entrance test is possible twice a year on July 1st (winter semester) and on January 1st (summer semester).

Application Process

About the Entrance Test

In the entrance test applicants demonstrate their aptitude for business research, as well as the technical and soft skills necessary to successfully participate in the program. The test consists of an oral examination. It lasts about twenty minutes and is held by the MBR program coordinator and applicant's doctoral advisor. Students must register for the entrance test, which is held once a semester. Please note the application deadlines above! The invitation to the entrance test will be sent at least one week before the date of the test itself.

Checklist of required documents to apply for the Entrance Test

Application for the entrance test

Informal letter to the chairman of the examination board including a suggestion for the supervisor of the applicant's project study (generally the applicant's doctoral advisor, see §14 of the examination regulations).

Confirmation from supervisor of doctoral thesis

Confirmation from one of the professors at the faculty that he or she is prepared to supervise the candidate's doctoral thesis (see template).

Curriculum vitae

Including information on the applicant's previous studies, and previous and ongoing employment (if applicable). The curriculum vitae must be signed by the applicant!

University certificates

Including the applicant's Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Certificate of special qualification for research

Only if applicable, see §4 of the examination regulations.

Submission of documents

All required documents must be submitted in hard copy to:

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer
Chairman of the MBR Examination Board
Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization
Munich School of Management
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtät München
Kaulbachstr. 45/II
80539 München